A grassroots effort.
Our goal is to stimulate a frank, public discussion that leads to major improvements in care & safety at Lompoc hospital.
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Our Viewpoint

As a senior I had an experience at Lompoc hospital where three Lompoc hospital staff members, in succession, were unable to successfully perform a common, routine procedure. I had to be sent by ambulance to Cottage Santa Barbara. However, what happened to me was nothing compared to what happened to my wife. My wife had a tragic experience at this hospital and I know if she was here now she would ask me to try to do something about the unsafe conditions.

Word-of-mouth, based on the personal experiences of countless Lompoc residents, has been deplorable for years. That’s no secret. Those who’ve experienced or witnessed poor care have often told their stories in social media. But in most cases those stories have only been shared  with family and close friends. We are a group of concerned citizens who now want to make things better by generating an open and frank public discussion on the poor care provided at the Lompoc Valley Medical Center.

In July 2016 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) rated LVMC in the lower 18% of hospitals nationwide. LVMC is rated lower than any other hospital in Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo counties.

We will shine a spotlight on the hospital from various perspectives. We have obtained documents that describe troubling incidents that have taken place in this hospital. We will post the experiences of patients and their families along with the observations of hospital employees and ex-employees.

We have posted the case of a patient who had surgery followed by horrific, life-threatening complications. The patient’s lawsuit explains that these complications were caused by hospital staff. For nearly three days following the procedure the staff failed to detect that the patient’s colon had been punctured. For nearly three days bacteria was flowing through the patient’s body causing complications including sepsis and renal failure. Finally, the patient lay comatose. A helicopter was called to airlift the patient to Cottage. How could this happen?

To address quality of care and safety issues with imput from experts we have networked with other hospital patient safety organization’s in other states.

Please join our grassroots effort to share information about the hospital so that necessary change occurs! Sign up at the bottom of this page.