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Was A Cat Scan Required?

Post submitted June 22, 2017.

I requested admittance to LVMC as a precautionary matter due to chest pains which did not match the signs of a typical heart attack. was a cat scan required All of the tests done were negative but four hours later they recommended I have a cat scan which I consented to.

What they did not tell me right away was that I would have a dye injection prior to the cat scan. When notified of this I told them that due to my medical history they should call my primary care MD and obtain the doctor’s approval. I explained that since it was late Friday the call needed to be made soon.  They simply refused to make the call.

They put me back in the waiting area for about an hour when the doc came in again he pressured me to have the procedure done.  I explained that I had some reservations but they had refused to call my doctor to get his approval. Now it was probably too late.

Overall my reaction was that it was all about putting the cat scan on the bill rather than making sure it would be approved by my doctor. It appeared they did not want other physicians involved.

Later when I described the events to my internist (internationally recognized) he confirmed that my call was the right one.

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