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For 2019 Lompoc hospital has been rated in the lowest 8% of hospitals nationwide by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
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CEO’s Hospital Fined $150,000

Becker Hospital Review Newsletter Reports On Hospital Fines

On August 24, 2018, the Becker Hospital Review reported that for the years 2012-2017 the California Department of Public Health issued over $1 million in fines to 13 California hospitals for serious incidents.

Parkview Hospital Receives Second Highest Fines In State

Among the 13 hospitals cited, Lompoc’s new CEO, Steven Plotkin, was the CEO at the hospital that ranked 2nd highest for the total fines paid to the California Department of Public Health. Parkview paid two $75,000 fines totaling to $150,000. Both fines involved the death of patients during 2016.

“The health department issued two fines to Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center in Riverside for incidents in 2016. The first fine was $75,000 for an error involving a central line placement that led to several procedures that contributed to a patient’s death. The second fine was $75,000 for a medication error that led to a patient’s death.”

Link to article on California hospital fines.

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