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LVMC Wife-Beater Liberty Partridge

People of the State of California vs. Liberty Partridge:

On September 7, 2015, the wife of Lompoc hospital ER physician Liberty Partridge was admitted at the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital ER. She was suffering from multiple injuries after domestic violence at the hands of her husband. (Dr. Partridge works at the Lompoc ER and the Sansum “Lompoc Same Day Care.”) 

After ER treatment in Goleta, Dr. Partridge’s wife provided a detailed incident report to the Santa Barbara Sheriff.

Criminal Complaint Filed Against Liberty Partridge by District Attorney:

Santa Barbara County District AttorneyJustice moved swiftly. On December 7, 2015, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney filed a Criminal Complaint; The People of the State of California vs. Liberty Partridge, Superior Court Case No. 15-09-0367097

Conviction: Liberty Partridge Pleads No Contest
In less than 30 days, on January 5, 2016, Dr. Liberty Partridge was convicted, pleading no contest to one count of violating Penal Section 273.5 (A) (Corporal Injury). He was sentenced to 1 day in County jail followed by three years probation. For ten years, he cannot own or possess a firearm. In addition, Liberty Partridge was required to participate in a 52-week Batterer’s Treatment Program.
Liberty Partridge Issued Sanctions By California Medical Board:

As a physician, Dr. Partridge was also subject to Medical Board sanctions. The California Business and Professions Code section 2229 places a high priority for the Medical Board of California to protect the public. After an investigation and review of nearly two more years, the Medical Board sanctioned Dr. Liberty Partridge, effective on November 24, 2017. There were four sanctions.

First, within 60 days he was required to enroll in an ethics course and successfully complete the program.

Second, Dr. Partridge had to provide 50 hours of free services (medical or non-medical) to a community or non-profit organization.

Third, within 60 days, Dr. Partridge was required to enroll in an anger management course.

The fourth sanction, a Public Reprimand, was perhaps the most stinging. State law stipulates that the public has a right to know if a physician has failed to comply with the standards required by the physician’s medical license. The Medical Board made such a determination in this case. An official Public Reprimand was issued in November 2017.

Public Reprimand Of Liberty Partridge By Medical Board:
Liberty Partridge, MD
Liberty Partridge, MD

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Physician’s and Surgeon’s License No. A 108903 issued to Respondent Liberty Partridge, M.D. is hereby publicly reprimanded pursuant to California Business and Professions Code § 2227(a)(4). This Public Reprimand, which is issued in connection with Respondent’s actions as set forth in Accusation No. 8002015016653, is as follows:

View the Medical Board of California public document concerning Liberty Partridge.

Below is a factual summary of the incident that led to the criminal conviction of Liberty Partridge and the subsequent sanctions imposed by the Medical Board of California on Liberty Partridge.

On September 5, 2015, Respondent (Dr. Liberty Partridge) came home from work and was lying on the couch. His wife laid next to him and they began to “play wrestle.”

During the “play wrestling,” Dr. Partridge became aggressive and twisted his wife’s right arm behind her back to the point where it caused significant pain. She told him to stop and that he had hurt her. He told his wife to get away from him. She stated: “You can be such a jerk sometimes. You are so mean.”

She immediately noticed a look of anger in his eyes and it scared her because he had such a bad temper. She ran up the stairs to get away from him. She went up the stairs to the second flight. As she was on the second flight of stairs, around the corner, she heard something shatter against the wall at the top of the first flight of stairs.

She was unsure what the object was but believed her husband had thrown the television remote against the wall. She was unsure if he had intended to hit her with the object. She then heard him running up the stairs towards her.

Liberty Partridge Slammed His Wife’s Head Into The Stairs Approximately Three Times:

She lay down on the stairs with her arms in front of her to protect herself because she was so afraid of him running up behind her. He approached her, and while standing over her, grabbed her head and face with both hands. He picked up her head and slammed it into the stairs approximately three times while yelling at her. After doing this he backed away from her.

She got up and stated: “This is what you’ve become, a wife beater. I’m going to call the cops.” Dr. Partridge stated: “If you call the cops, it’s just going to cause drama.”

Liberty Partridge’s Wife Suffered Visible Injuries:

She suffered a bump on the back of her head. She had visible injuries to her face and redness around both eyes, which she believed were sustained when he grabbed her face and head. She had a bruise on the back of her left shoulder which she believed was sustained when Dr. Partridge was slamming her on the stairs.

Wife-Beaters Cause Long-Term Health Issues For Their Victims:

Research shows that battered women may suffer from chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, psychosomatic symptoms, and eating problems  As trauma victims, they are also at increased risk for substance abuse.

High Rate Of Recidivism For Wife-Beaters:

One study (2004) of recidivism for domestic abusers involved 1300 abusers. Between the time of initial arrest to two years following their release, 62 percent of all defendants were rearrested.

29% Of Women Attempting Suicide Were Battered:

The Family Violence Prevention Fund reported on a study stating that 29% of all women in the United States who attempted suicide were battered.

Medical Board Recognizes Public’s Right To Know:

The public has a legal right to know if their doctor is a wife-beater or fails in serious ways to comply with the license requirements for physicians. To fully inform patients, the Medical Board of California makes that disclosure a Public Reprimand.

Understandably, some patients may prefer to be treated by a physician who is not a convicted wife-beater. However, many patients will now be treated by Dr. Patridge without knowing he is a convicted wife-beater.

(Note: Santa Barbara County court records also reflect a misdemeanor under a previous name used by Liberty S. Partridge, Liberty S. Grimes.)

View California Patient Safety Advocates page on Liberty Partridge



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