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No Problems With This Facility

no problems with this facility“The quality of care here is tremendous. There are absolutely no problems with this facility…” CEO Jim Raggio in the Lompoc Record on 5/15/17.

A lawsuit filed on December 16, 2016, states that a patient had a hernia procedure at Lompoc hospital that went terribly wrong. The complaint alleges that Lompoc hospital general surgeon Dr. William Pierce (or other hospital staff) punctured the patient’s small bowel during the surgery. The puncture went undetected at the time of surgery and afterward.

According to the lawsuit, bacteria flowed from the bowel through the patient’s body for nearly three days. During that time, hospital staff (including Dr. Peter Davis) failed to detect the infection. The patient’s condition became life threatening. Septic shock, with a near 50% death rate, set in. Acute renal failure and loss of consciousness followed.

no problems with this facility
Emergency airlift from Lompoc hospital to Cottage Santa Barbara

Helicopter Airlifts Patient To Cottage 

After the patient became comatose a helicopter was called for an emergency flight to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

The failure to detect the patient’s infection for nearly 3 days raises questions about the CEO’s claim that there are absolutely no problems with this facility. Did the staff actually review results from blood tests? How could such a severe infection go unnoticed for nearly three days?

Over the next three months, the patient endured 13 surgeries and additional care at a rehabilitative facility.

Lawsuit Details

Read the troubling details of this case in paragraphs #14 – #39 of the lawsuit.

To respect patient privacy the name has been redacted from the Santa Barbara Superior Court Complaint for Damages.

Court Conference Scheduled September 20, 2017no problems with this facility

A Case Management Conference is scheduled on September 20, 2017, at 8:30 AM in Department 4, Santa Maria.

Bradford Ginder and Steven Saldo, Attorneys for Plaintiff, Alaina Dickens, Attorney for LVMC, Attorney Jennifer Henderson for Defendant Peter W. Davis, M.D., Attorney Barbara S. Kilroy, Attorney for William J. Pierce, MD.

The court minutes from June 29, 2017, indicate the plaintiff has undergone another surgery, a “reverse colostomy procedure.”  That would add up to at least 14 surgeries after the patient was airlifted from Lompoc to Cottage hospital. The court minutes indicate a possible trial in the Spring of 2018.

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