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For 2019 Lompoc hospital has been rated in the lowest 8% of hospitals nationwide by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
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Patients Say It’s An Unsafe Hospital

medical alertAn unsafe hospital is the theme repeated in the Lompoc Record Facebook page from May 15th. After the Lompoc Record article (May 15th) on the CMS deficiency report was published residents posted their comments. We have not included the names of the persons posting but the names appear on the Lompoc Record Facebook page.

…Raggio said there were absolutely NO problems at the facility? I beg to differ. Our complaints, in writing, were brushed off and ignored!

…That Doesn’t surprised me.

… Not a good place.

… I’ve never had one good experience at either the old facility or this new one in my 55 years 55 years here. Unless I can’t survive long enough to make it to Cottage in SB, I will never go to Lompoc’ s hospital again.

… Not surprised. If it does go, there goes a lot of jobs. Not good.

…Our Tax dollars at work for us Home Owners…. Geeze….

…The maternity ward is great! Love the nurses. ER doctors not so much. We went in and we’re sent away because my daughter “looks fine” to the dr. though she had a 104 temp. Didn’t check her ears, throat or anything. Come to find out her sinuses were so …See More.

… I dont want it to see it go under I want to see it get better.

… Not surprised at all… ER is HORRID!

…That place sucks!!

…You see WHY my Doctors said to “NEVER” go to Lompoc Hospital!

…I try to avoid this place for any emergency. Every time I’ve had to take my kids the experience has been horrible. They are playing with people’s lives. It’s been like this for years. Hope they finally fix it.

…Haha after idk how many ppl get horrible things done to them here. Finally in review.

….Low wages have results.

…I hope it dose that’s why I quit the ppl there are just ugly people to work with & you can’t never keep them happy about doing the job place is nasty anyways I don’t blame them if they do shut the doors !

…Finally what we all have known comes out. Go to Santa Ynez or Santa Barbara Cottage ER, great care, carrying people. Maybe a wake up call for them.

…Doesn’t surprise me one bit.

…Worst ER ever!

…Not surprised. Most seriously injured patients are always transported to SB. What exactly does LVMC do?! (According to EMS records LVMC called for an ambulance to take LVMC patients to another hopsital 486 times in 2016. That means 1.3 times a day an ambulance is called to Lompoc hospital to take a patient to another hospital.)

…No one knew there was even sterile alcohol…” Um…..WHAT??!???

…I use to tell everyone to take me anywhere but there.

…Well this does not surprise me at all when my wife was a patient there they over medicaid her and she almost died maybe some one will finally fix that place.


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