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Lompoc hospital rated in lower 15.7% of hospitals nationwide by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (2017)
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Yelp Posts on Lompoc ER!

Patients and family members often vent on Yelp!  (Edited for brevity)

9/2/2017 Tee W, Oxnard:

Terrible!! If you are in serious, serious pain do not come here!! I have been here since 11 pm last night and I’m still here and have not seen a Dr or nurse!!! Might as well SUFFER!!!

4/27/2017 Cady D, San Jose:

This place is horrible. The nurses in the ER are condescending and rude. What happened to bedside manner? Their triage skills are less than par. If I wasn’t dizzy I would have driven 30 miles to the next closest hospital. I am a medical professional myself and the way the nurses are here I would not want to be associated with.


6/11/2017 Natalie O., Lompoc:

If I can rate it zero stars I would… Recently my dad went in because he was not feeling well & they said nothing was wrong with him. They said he had an infection but did not give him any meds. The doctor wrote on his report he was not exactly sure what happened to him. Again very unprofessional… then the next day he went in again because he was not feeling well and another doctor was in and there was obviously something wrong with my dad they transported him to Santa Barbara & he is now currently in ICU…. If you are ever sick I recommend you go to any other hospital. I’m sure they will know more than Lompoc Valley Medical Center.

5/5/2017 Danny C., Lompoc:

My grandpa went in for a procedure. After the procedure was done and he was waking up from the anesthesia the nurses came and were really nice and told us to wait for the doctor. The doctor was in this room down the hall and the nurse went and told him we were ready to go. Dude took an hour and 30 mins to just come out and speak to us. Nurses also knew we were waiting for a while now so they kept going to the room that he was in and let him know. Dude still didn’t come out... We were just sitting there and my grandpa just wanted to go home and rest. Horrible.

4/24/2017 Oscar L., Lompoc:

Really horrible hospital. Just to find out my son has a mild fever 3 hours waiting.  Rather drive to Santa Barbara.   I told the dr what if he gets a high fever. Dr said to my wife.  Come back, that’s why I don’t have kids... (That’s what the doctor said.)

3/1/2017 Miranda S, Lompoc:

This is a horrible hospital, the worst in the county. The staff is inexperienced. The charting is haphazard. Have talked to several nurses who said don’t go there. Despite the gleaming facade, all is not well. It’s dangerous.

8/12/2016 Juan Q., Lompoc

After an accident, I came into the ER with a broken ankle. a broken thumb in one hand and a broken pinky in the other. Was seen by various nurses who at the end of the day didn’t even know how to properly splint my pinky or my thumb. The nurse just kept asking everyone how she supposed to do it but I thought that was your job to know how to do things like this. When I finally saw the hand specialist they were pretty upset because of how bad the splint job was that left my injured thumb and Pinky completely vulnerable to more injury…

8/7/2016 Tonya C, Lompoccritique of ER nurses

Went in on 6/6/16 around 6:30 pm and had the worst experience. We were in the room for five hours, saw Dr. Koger once, saw the nurse once and only so he could take vitals on a paper towel and didn’t even check my temperature which is what I initially went in for along with constipation. A female nurse gave me an enema, people came in to draw labs and do X rays but the enema barely worked and she said she’d be right back and never came back. Dr. Koger when he did come in because we had to ask after 4 hours said I’m just really backed up and he would give me some pills (which I told him aren’t working) and that he has “much sicker patients to deal with…” So now I feel worse and the discharge papers say “seek emergency medical attention if you haven’t gone to the bathroom in 4 days” ...I don’t recommend this emergency room if you want to be treated with respect.